Plant growth regulators/invasive species

Plant growth regulators are important for optimizing crop yield in the crop itself and in controlling invasive species that negatively impact crop yield. Invasive species that are herbicide resistant are an emerging problem. The basic research questions are discovering the mechanisms of native and acquired resistance to auxinic herbicides in Amaranthus palmeri. For the applied research, my lab is modeling invasive potential of non-native species in agricultural and natural ecosystems in the presence of climate change, and will adapt the model for native invasive species. This work has resulted in two intellectual property disclosures. Additional work on Eucalyptus grandis and the effects of phosphate status on glyphosate uptake on the cellular and whole plant levels has informed best practices for integrated nutrient and pest management.

Glyphosate-senstive and resistant  Amaranthus plamerii

Glyphosate-senstive and resistant Amaranthus plamerii